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Visionary Exteriors is the top siding company McHenry, with a team of only the best siding contractors McHenry can offer. From vinyl siding repair and replacement to siding installation McHenry, our team will help you protect your home or business from the elements. Contact us for a consultation today!




The team at Visionary exteriors consists of only the best siding contractors McHenry can offer. We know that the siding of your home is important, for both aesthetics and protection from the elements, and that siding repair, siding replacement, and siding installation are a big investment. For these reasons, our siding company McHenry works hard for your satisfaction. In the business for 20 years, we use only the best materials and hire the best contractors. 

No matter your project size, from minor vinyl siding repair McHenry to siding replacement, you can trust our expert craftsmanship to transform the outside of your building with quality siding made to last. Unlike other siding companies McHenry, we work around your schedule, getting the job done when it works for you. 

Visionary Exteriors has your best interest in mind, offering free estimates for your next siding project. Contact Us today for more information.

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Services Our Siding Contractors McHenry Provide
Siding Replacement, Siding Installation & More!

  • Siding Replacement

    Even the best siding materials require replacement at some point. When you need siding replacement McHenry, whether you are looking for James Hardy siding, vinyl, aluminum, or LP Smartside siding, our expert team will do a free inspection and recommend the best material for your building followed by expert installation.


    Siding Installation

    Siding needs to be strong and reliable, and it should look great too. Our siding contractors only use top-quality materials that are made to last, so your investments are protected from the outside elements for years to come. Contact us so our experts can give you a quote for siding installation McHenry today.


    Siding Repair

    The forces of nature can really take a toll on your siding, and at some point, it may need repairs. When the unexpected happens, our siding company McHenry can help. Our expert siding contractors can provide fast, quality, and long-lasting vinyl siding repair McHenry, Call for an inspection.

  • Gutters

    Properly installed quality gutters should never be underrated. Proper gutters prevent wearing down of your siding, indoor water penetration, gutter blockage, and more issues. Our siding contractors McHenry can also set you up with a sturdy and functional gutter system. When getting new siding installation, ask us about gutters too.



    Even the best gutter system falls apart without excellent downspouts. For residential or commercial properties we use only the best downspouts that will withstand harsh weather and help to keep excess water from accumulating where it shouldn't. Our professional siding contractors McHenry will recommend the best downspouts for your property.



    We aren’t one of those siding companies McHenry that only deals with siding installations, we also can help with all of your window needs. At Visionary Exteriors, our contractors are well-trained and well-rounded, ready to help with all your building exterior needs. Ask us about our affordable window services.

  • Soffit

    Our services of siding installation and siding repair McHenry wouldn’t be complete without ensuring soffits are properly installed. Our soffit installation will help to protect your home while also allowing for proper airflow, which helps to prevent humidity and air quality issues. Ask us for more information at any time.

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  • Fascia and Trim

    After years of experience in the business Visionary Exteriors only provides you with top quality fascia and trim during siding installation or siding replacement McHenry. Whether it is for decorative or functional purposes, our finished product is sure to leave you satisfied with its beauty and durability.

  • Visionary Exteriors Siding Installation McHenry Projects

    Why Visionary Exteriors Is The Best Choice For Your Siding Replacement & Siding Installation McHenry


    At Visionary Exteriors, we have the best siding contractors McHenry has to offer. Well-trained and highly experienced, they can take on siding jobs of any size and in many materials such as aluminum, vinyl siding, LP Smartside siding, or James Hardie Siding.


    We are a fully licensed and insured siding company McHenry. This means we offer top-quality siding services, and that our work is done to local standards and you are not at risk of any liabilities during the job.


    Our experience means that we have seen it all, and makes us stand out among the siding companies McHenry. We are ready to provide the best service with any siding repair, siding replacement, and siding installation job you need.


    Our siding contractors McHenry offer a free estimate before your siding installation project or any other building exterior needs you have. This way, we can suggest the best methods and materials for the job and you can prepare your budget.


    From our accurate estimates to a beautifully finished project that is built to last, Visionary Exteriors is your go-to siding company McHenry. For small projects like vinyl siding repair, to full James Hardie siding installation, expect only the best.


    Our experienced professional siding contractors can carry out siding repair and siding installation McHenry in an efficient and effective manner. Extensive experience allows us to be fast, without ever compromising quality. With us, get the best results, faster.

    Vinyl Siding Installation McHenry How Long Will It Last

    Vinyl siding is a popular siding installation McHenry option in the local area. Some of its advantages include being less expensive, easily acquired, quick to install, and simple to maintain. All of these make vinyl an ideal material for your siding if you are looking for these qualities.

    With all of its benefits, though, vinyl can be prone to breakage, it cannot be painted on and have its color fade over time. You may need to have a siding contractor McHenry to help do siding repair, but generally, vinyl siding installation can last anywhere from 40 to 60 years or even longer if properly maintained. The amount of sun it gets, the weather, and other forces can also affect its longevity.

    Make sure you get the most years out of your vinyl siding installation. Contact us today and have the best siding company McHenry help you out with siding installation and siding repair.

    The Benefits of Services Offered by Our Siding Contractors McHenry

    Good for the Environment
    As our weather changes, every homeowner wants to know if their siding offers the best protection for their property while having the least impact on our environment. Vinyl siding installation McHenry is the most sustainable choice because it’s made of raw materials, it has less waste and less impact on our climate change. James Hardie Siding is made from sustainable and natural materials, it does not harm the environment, too!

    Financial Impact
    Installing new sidings will save you money on your monthly utilities. Having new siding will prevent heat loss during the winter season. Vinyl siding installation McHenry is like adding a protective blanket over your walls studs. So you can have a warmer home during cooler months and a cooler home during the summer season. New siding installation McHenry will also close the gaps and cracks that allow cool and warm air to escape.

    Structural Damage Repair
    One of the top benefits of installing new sidings is that it provides homeowners an opportunity to repair internal wall damage. Even the smallest crack can mean significant problems for the walls behind your sidings. Once insects and water get in, it will cause serious deterioration. For this reason, having a new siding installation McHenry will give you the chance to inspect and see at-risk spots and repair them before they become a more significant issue.

    Looking for Vinyl Siding Installation McHenry?
    Check Our Professional Vinyl Siding Repair & Installation Services!

    Are you thinking about having a siding installation McHenry? If yes, consider having vinyl siding installed. This type of exterior cladding is easy to install. Vinyl is lightweight and available in an extensive variety of options to personalize your home. You can choose from a wide range of styles, textures, shapes, decorative accessories for your windows, and so on.

    Compared to other siding materials, vinyl siding has a lower environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. The scraps of vinyl can also be recycled. One of the best features of having vinyl is its durability and low maintenance. It does not require painting, scraping, and more to keep up its appearance. You can simply use a garden hose to clean off most of the first and dust that may accumulate over time.

    Because of its low maintenance, low installation cost, and warranty, vinyl siding is a smart choice for your home. Contact our team of professional siding contractors in Visionary Siding Contractors McHenry for a beautiful and long-lasting vinyl siding installation today!

    Learn More About Siding Installation McHenry
    Options That We Provide

    Siding comes in all kinds of textures, colors, and can be made out of many different materials, so sometimes it can be hard to choose. Here at Visionary Exteriors & Remodeling LLC we strive to offer the best siding installation McHenry has to offer, and that means helping you choose the best siding for you. Check out the summary below on the siding types we offer!

    James Hardie Siding
    You can count on us as the siding contractor to provide the highest quality James Hardie siding McHenry has to offer! James Hardie siding is built from fiber cement, resulting in a long-lasting, beautiful, low maintenance option that looks amazing!

    Vinyl Siding
    Vinyl is versatile, comes in many colors and textures, is affordable, easily installed, maintained, and vinyl siding repair is quite simple. The demand for vinyl siding installation McHenry goes up every year, with good reason! With vinyl you can mimic woods and stones, or give your home a vibrant unique look, for a fraction of the price.

    Aluminum Siding
    Aluminum siding is a fantastic eco-friendly and affordable choice for your building. This is an increasingly popular choice for clients of our siding company McHenry. Not only is aluminum more affordable to start, this low-maintenance siding will help to insulate your home and save you money on your energy bill well into the future.

    LP Smart Side
    A siding replacement McHenry residents love is our LP Smart Side. This siding is fabricated using wood strands, Zinc Borate, and coated in wax, to give a beautiful wood look while also preventing rot and insect infestations, a great modern option for your home!

    Testimonials of Visionary Exteriors Siding Installation McHenry

    • " A huge storm came through and tore a bunch of my siding off so I hired them for vinyl siding repair. They started with a free estimate and stayed true to their quote, the siding looks great! "

      Jenson Bell
    • " Our house was almost done but we needed a siding company McHenry to do the siding installation. I went with Visionary Exteriors and was not disappointed. They have great siding contractors! "

      Aaron Barrett
    • " This company has to have the most efficient siding contractors McHenry! For my new place, I went with them for vinyl siding installation and couldn’t believe how fast they finished, and it looks incredible. "

      Bradley Wells